The Situation Changes Into and Out

Change is interesting, the more the pull more cool.
But be careful charm, sometimes positively and negatively
China, Korea, Taiwan, have kw-kw goods competing with the high level numerial

Revolving constilation life, passion, hypocrisy, caring, masks, friendship, friends, fellowship walk with each other with the instability of human

Down up, left right, next corner of the guidelines which must be the direction of motion
Wishy-washy, sycophant, an enemy in the blanket, the cold war, fellowship, support, temporality, equality, the desire to know the issues, gossips, etc. assertiveness process of personality

Leader-subordinate, alongside and in synergy
Authority and leadership in the hands of the insured leaders about the future
This leader's words, even if it was wrong, it remains true leader.
Potential different person, born and grew up excess competition and envy are considered
Advanced restrained, even silent retreat.
Rated power, the power situation was too

Command-job exposure and ejected, injustice born
Growing flavor and potency, another sense teribius opposite direction (+ vs. -) ? "-"
Narrative of facts and each other alibis, do not justify it, be a unity and polar
Preparing is the potential time bomb

Material living with wheels with a quality older
Another angle, only the user and the destroyer
Prediction will fall rate, the authority is
"Uh .., lazy, tired" sounds of silence and simultaneously perceived

Streak and hand with emotion and purpose of each
Unity was coached, ran along the direction of each
That the solid?
It is like in trying to achieve?
One flag, but a different color and material quality yarn
Or did the seamstress or influence pen was?

Visual experience, inspiring a new rate
Portrait, self determination and self esteem in the hearts
Side of the face changes with time with the turbulence
The extent of the field, the existing norms and resignation

Pull-deep breath-in, interpret the meaning of broad
Spinning ball, come with round pebbles
The basic mind-forming basic responses
Initial appearance, stunned and justification

Pattern fighters, willing to sacrifice what would the flag
Traditional ammunition with a systematic pattern of defeating modern ammunition
Discussion and conjecture only ritual formality
Concrete and consequently the ritual quality of evidence and the positive domino effect

The birds moved freely .. Raise the wing with the wind against the current was against the current volatile and uncertain with confidence and with immunity against the wind, can contaminate the contents of the physical and the mind.

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